Seven Habits of Highly Effective Coaches


And you can be taught them by great teachers like Sir Alex Ferguson, David Moyes, Arsène Wenger and José Mourinho.

So settle down with a pen and paper and rank yourself on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being an expert and 1 being a total beginner) and find out (honestly!) whether you could do a one-on-one with José.

Habit one: Lead with confidence

If a player ever asks “Why are we doing this?”, you will be able to give them a clear answer. Your players will understand why they are training this way and run through proverbial “brick walls” for you.

Habit two: Accept help (when it’s good)

It’s not always easy admitting you don’t know it all. Having a training plan from a top coach that’s all laid out for you is like having an assistant coach advising you what to do. But you have to accept you might want help!

Habit three: Show your authority

The Elite Soccer coaches deal with big personalities. They know how to keep players focused and in their place. The coaching sessions are designed to inspire and motivate your players. Your authority is enhanced every time you deliver a quality session.

Habit four: Create time for yourself

There’s always demands on your time. It could be work, the family or the team. The only way you can maximise your ability to coach is by taking shortcuts. Elite Soccer gives you a lifetime of coaching experience packed into 12 monthly magazines. Store them, print them, put them on your iPad – however you want to use them they’re your personal playbook ready for whenever you want them – without searching on Google.

Habit five: Become a master motivator

Players like Robin van Persie at Manchester United and Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Paris Saint-Germain are taking part in the sessions published in Elite Soccer. When your players train like a pro, they’re motivated like a pro – thanks to you

Habit six: Improve communication skills

Elite Soccer makes it easy to explain things. It’s all laid out for you. You can even print off copies of the session to give to your team (or email them in advance). Players that see, hear and do retain 99% of the information you give them. Elite Soccer makes it easy for you to engage your players with clear instructions and clarity of purpose.

Habit seven: Be willing to take action

Taking action is the hallmark of being a genius. No-one ever got better at doing something by doing nothing. Knowing what to do is one thing – doing it is what’s important. This habit is the hardest to develop. You can make a start right now by committing yourself to developing your coaching skills.

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