Tristar FC are now in the process of recruiting for the forthcoming Foyle Cup, Summer Tournaments, the 2020/21 NIBFA Subway National League season and the Derry & District league season beginning in March.  Opportunities exist in all our teams for boys and girls and in particular for players born in 2007.

Any players interested in playing for any of our teams ideally should be able to demonstrate prior playing experience and display a healthy interest in being involved in games or training up to 5 times per week. Therefore, we offer between 5 – 10 hours contact and practice time per week delivered by a dedicated coaching team in an enjoyable & professional environment held at the fantastic facilities of our partners, Ulster University, Magee.  Players will also have access to a support team including athletic development and conditioning coaches, goalkeeper coach and sports injuries and rehabilitation.

The structure at Tristar FC is designed to ensure that young players have the opportunity to fulfil their potential through a carefully planned and meticulously detailed player centric coaching structure which includes pitch based technical and tactical sessions, athletic development and individualised tailored programmes as well as classroom based educational workshops.  We create a child and player centred environment where we offer young players the chance to develop while encouraging freedom and creativity on the training ground and on the pitch. Our long term player development model ensures that the most rewarding challenges are those that lead to self-knowledge. Whilst many look at short term goals, winning the next game or beating a certain opponent, we know through experience that only a passion for the game can lead to ultimate success.

As a local club with roots in the community, we feel we have a civic responsibility to not only create better players but also better all-round young people. We promote a culture of mutual respect and understanding between players, parents, coaches and visitors. Politeness, acceptance and tolerance are key life skills we look to help develop in our players – mistakes will inevitably happen; how a player reacts to these mistakes defines how a player will develop – everyone will get knocked down at some stage, the winner doesn’t stay down.  We view success as a long term process, not as an end product. Success is something the players themselves take ownership and responsibility for and over time this becomes personally meaningful to the player.

We will also have an exciting Under 18 development project from next season with more details to follow shortly.  Keep an eye peeled for more information in the coming weeks!

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