If you would like to join our coaching staff, or would like to help and support the club in any way, please contact our club secretary, Greg Parke at tristarboysfc74@gmail.com

Tristar FC
Recruitment and Induction Process

The recruitment of coaches and committee members is a critical part of the organisation.  It is important that the club recruits quality people that can offer the club strength and commitment.
Recruitment at present only takes place when required, as follows:
– Word of mouth
– Tristar Facebook page
– Club Website at www.tristarboysfc.com.
– Tristar Twitter page
– Local Newspapers, e.g. Derry news
– Recruitment from the ranks of past players and players that are about to move to senior level

Recruitment from past and present players is where the club prefers to focus, to ensure there is continuation of the club ethos, and the players are well aware of how the club works and operates.

Induction Process
Any potential coach must follow the recruitment process as detailed below:

1. The candidate must fill in the Coach Application Form, which can be obtained from the Club Secretary.
2. The candidate must complete the Access NI application on-line.  Again details for this process are with the club secretary
3. The coach application is then reviewed by the Tristar Committee, following all the policies of the club.
a. If the application is not approved, the candidate is told as soon as possible, and why.
b. If the application is successful, the club secretary will review the Access NI application,
c. Once the Access NI application is returned, the details are reviewed with the committee for approval/non-approval.
d. At this point, the candidate will meet with either the Secretary or the Chairman and presented with the coaches pack.
– The club’s Ethos and codes of conduct are explained.
– Role of the coach explained
– Explanation of Committee members and contacts list supplied
– Policies are explained to the candidate, such as volunteering policy, Equal Opportunities policy, etc…
– Child Protection Policy and Safeguarding Young People are explained
– Copy of Health and Safety procedure and accident report forms

Please note, the candidate will not be allowed to coach any kids until he has completed this process in its entirety.