Flexibility and Mobility

Lower Body

Upper Body

Strength and Conditioning

Ankle Stability, Strength & Mobility

Lateral Hop Test (perform this test before starting the above workout and retest after 4 weeks of using the above session twice a week for 4 weeks)

Aerobic Plyometric for Speed

Full Body 20min workout

Full Body 30min workout

Lower Body

Bodyweight Workout

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout

Individual Technical Sessions

Ball Mastery 1

Ball Mastery 2

Beat the defender 1 (use a cone/object as the defender)

Beat the defender 2 (use a cone/object as the defender)

Beat the defender 3 (5 chop skills)

Beat the defender 4 (Advanced)

Ball Manipulation with Dean Shiels

Dribbling 1

Wall Passing 1

Wall Passing 2

Wall Passing 3

Fast Footwork with agility ladder (if you don’t have a ladder use cones, sticks or can draw ladder with chalk)

Reaction Training

Partner Technical Sessions (or anyone who can act as a server)

Session 1: Awareness and Decision Making

Session 2: Ball Control, First Touch and Awareness

Session 3: Football Conditioning (all ball work)

FUNdamental Movement Skills (4-8yrs)

Use your imagination regards equipment. Games can generally be varied to adapt to any activity. For example a game using basketball dribble can be played the same way using football or hockey dribble. This age group should be performing multi sport activities to improve competence in all Fundamental Movement Skills used for all sports.

Agility, Balance, Coordination

Jumping Techniques and Activities

Multi Sport Activities 1

Multi Sport Activities 2

Animal Movements

Agility Ladder Activities