Welcome to the Tristar FC On-Line Shop

Tristar FC have teamed up with local company O’Neills to provide all your Training gear needs, to allow parents to purchase Tristar Sports gear and merchandising. We can supply all your training gear needs, supplying good quality training gear directly to your door.  Just Click the image below.

Unfortunately the 1/4 Zip Top is not available On-line and will only be available a few times a year when we open a window to allow parents to order it.  This will be send to the club to distribute.  It will be possible to order any other item in this window also.


Football Boots

Tristar also run a Training Gear & Football Boot Recycling Scheme, where we accept you quality training gear and boots and share them with those who need them.  Just contact the club or your coach if you wish to donate any gear, or wish to avail of the gear we have.

Please feel free to give us feedback on these WebShop to info@tristarboysfc.com. 


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